Educational Aspects of Game Birds

And Hatching Eggs In the Classroom

By Sarah Anderson, School Principal

Gambles Quail On Game Bird Gazette cover. Teachers and students at our school have benefited greatly from the information and pictures published in the Game Bird Gazette magazine over the years, including the reporting about school science projects involving hatching eggs. Educational materials donated by the magazine have been of much help as well.

Several teachers in our school and some educators at other schools in the Oakwood District are incorporating mounted specimens, eggs displays, and hatching of eggs into their teaching programs. This enables students to make ongoing and up-close observations that greatly enhance the learning experience.

Candling eggs and observing the development of embryos has been of particular interest to students. Maps or other visual aids posted in the classroom or copied and distributed to students helps to illustrate where birds are found in nature, their habitats, and why it is important to protect natural environments. In a practical sense, much of what is being made available for students to see and experience in the classroom could not be dupliHatching eggs and new chickcated elsewhere, Feather displays can enhance the classroom learning experience.even during a field trip where time and what is available to see is limited.

Teachers are reporting that interest and participation in class discussions and reading assignments is higher when the above activities and teaching aids are used, particularly those involving hatching eggs. Increased interest in other areas of the life sciences not covered in the present curriculum may be resulting as well.

Finally, I suggest that interested educators make use of the Game Bird Gazette and link to the Gazette website as our school has for quick reference to the valuable information it provides.

Stuying or having an uplose experience with game birds in a classroom, on a game farm, or in nature can be a wonderful educational experience.

Hatching Eggs In the Classroom

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