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You will find the ringneck pheasant, Golden Pheasant, and other popular pheasants and game birds available for sale from many reputable and reliable breeders in every issue of the Game Bird Gazette magazine. Pheasant hatching eggs and chicks are also available in every issue. Among these pheasants are the normal Golden Pheasant in the picture at lower right and thPheasant huntinge Yellow Golden pheasant mutation found on the next page. And, of course, thousands of ringneck pheasant eggs and chicks are always for sale in every magazine. You can order the magazine and receive your first issue right away by going to our online subscription order page.

Pheasants are easy to keep and breed if their care requirements are met. In the Game Bird Gazette magazine are detailed "how to" articles and super pictures on the raising and marketing of the ringneck pheasant, as well as the different exotic pheasant species. There is also information on pheasant conservation and on releasing and stocking pheasant for hunting which is hugely popular in many countries around the world.

Gorgeous Golden Pheasant

Golden PheasantThe Golden Pheasant is unsurpassed in its brilliance, beauty, and desiraThe Golden Pheasant is incredibly beautiful yet easy to breed and very affordable!bility. This pheasant was first brought to Europe at least by the 18th Century, and George Washington was the first American known to have kept and raised Golden Pheasants, which he did at Mt. Vernon. This gorgeous pheasant has easy care requirements and breeds readily on the game farm. Shows at right are a group of golden pheasant (three males and a female), with the males courting and displaying for the favor of a female! Considering their great beauty, the Golden Phesant is very affordable and always available for sale in the Game Bird Gazette magazine classified ads.

The Chinese have recognized the golden pheasant for centuries in art, literature and mythology. Others have claimed that the pheasant is the Phoenix of Greek mythology ("History," Liv. 10 Caput 2. p. 5), which is a bird fabled to have lived for 500 years. The pheasants had a cyclical life, and at the end of each half millennium they supposedly burned themselves to ashes and then arose in renewed beauty and immortality. Whatever its actual role has been, few people would question that this pheasant is among the most intriguing creatures ever to enliven and beautify the earth.

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